What Is a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection?

Have you ever been offered a multi-point vehicle inspection when you took your vehicle in for an oil change. More places are now including this in their service instead of providing it for an additional fee, as it’s essential for your vehicle’s performance. Yet, some vehicle owners are still turning it down because they claim they don’t have the time, or that they’ll get it done “later.”

This all likely stems from not understanding what a multi-point vehicle inspection is. So read on to find out what it is, why it’s vital, and why you should get them done regularly.

What Exactly Is A 21-Point Vehicle Inspection?

Multi-point inspections are a once over of your vehicle to make sure the common things that go wrong are checked regularly and that your car is in the best shape it can be. Although what’s included in the inspection can vary from shop to shop, Your multi-point inspection would generally include checking all fluid levels, air filters, wiper blades, battery condition, exhaust system, steering components, shocks / struts, belts, hoses and tire pressure.

You’ll get a copy of your auto inspection, which will note what’s working well, what needs attention right away, and what will need attention soon.

Why Is This So Important?

Multi-point inspections are vital to your vehicle’s performance. Here are several reasons why you should have this done regularly:

Enviro-lube-dripYou’ll likely stop major issues from occurring. There are some common issues that vehicles often experience, and these issues can be caught early — when they’re more manageable and less costly to fix. You may think you’d notice right away. Unfortunately, by the time you realize something’s wrong, it’s often too late, and your vehicle may need a more severe fix. And this will very likely cost more than it would have if it was caught early.

Enviro-lube-dripYou’ll save money. Not only will having regular multi-point inspections help stop any major issues in their tracks and save you money but when your vehicle runs better, it’s also more fuel-efficient. — again, saving you money.

Enviro-lube-dripYou’ll help the environment. The environment will thank you as well! When your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible, it puts fewer emissions into the air.

Enviro-lube-dripYou’ll get peace of mind. knowing that every time you get in your vehicle, it’s going to work properly? Getting regular multi-point vehicle inspections will help ensure that your vehicle will operate smoothly.

Why Enviro Lube?

For 25 years now, Enviro Lube has been offering their communities and visitors to Whitehorse a reliable, simple, quick way to get your oil changed and get a complimentary 21-point inspection by a certified lube technician. You don’t need an appointment, and we’ll have you in and out in 15 minutes! Stop by or contact us today!