Why it’s Vital to Change Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

Clean air isn’t just something humans need — your vehicle needs it, too! It may surprise you, but just like humans, vehicles need clean air to function at its best. Don’t know why? We break down why having a clean air filter is vital for your vehicle to keep it running at its best.

What Does An Air Filter Do?

Your vehicle‘s air filter takes all the dirt, debris, and other pollutants out of the air — before they get sucked into your engine.
As your air filter collects all this debris, it can become clogged with particles and therefore, won’t work as well as it should. This can lead to a lacklustre performance from your vehicle — and possibly expensive repairs.
Still not convinced? Here are 3 ways you and your vehicle will benefit when you change your air filter regularly.

1. You’ll increase your fuel efficiency

When your air filter is clogged, it drastically decreases the amount of airflow into your engine. Your engine will have to work harder to get the air it needs to function well — and will use significantly more fuel to do so.
Your engine needs more than 10,000 litres of oxygen to burn one litre of fuel — so you can see how reducing the airflow can lead to a lot of engine strain.

2. You’ll reduce emissions

When your air filter is clogged, it reduces the needed airflow into your engine. And in addition to lowering your fuel efficiency, this also can drastically alter your vehicle’s air-fuel balance. This can lead to issues with your spark plugs — which will cause your engine to run rougher and increase the risk of engine deposits, which can lead to more engine maintenance. When your vehicle runs rougher and has engine buildup, it puts off more emissions into the air, causing more air pollution.

3. You’ll extend the life of your engine

The air filter catches every speck of dirt and debris in the air — therefore keeping it out of your engine. If your air filter is obstructed, it can start to crumble and wear down, and some of those tiny dirt pieces may begin to flow through. And if even a small particle of dust gets into your engine parts, like your cylinders or pistons, it can lead to extensive damage and hefty, costly repairs.

So, How & When Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Now that you know how important it is to change your air filter, you’re probably pretty eager to get it done!
Your air filter should be changed roughly once a year or every 19,000 km — whichever comes first. If you do oil changes yourself, make a note of this and replace your filter when needed.
However, if you go to a warranty-approved oil change business, like EnviroLube, to get your oil changed, our certified lube technicians will keep track of this information for you. We can replace it as a part of any of our environmentally friendly oil change packages. Contact us today for more information or stop by for a 15-minute oil change the next time you’re in downtown Whitehorse.